My 5 “Can’t Live Without” Beauty Products

My list of beauty products that I used every single day.

  1. The NAKED 3 pallet by Urban decay.
    The colors I mostly use are: Strange, Dust, Factory, Mugshot and the occasional Blackheart when I really feel like mixing things up. When I’m looking for a simple natural look, I typically just use Strange all over my eyelid to create a fresh no-make-up look.
  2. elf. Mascara – Black
    Every girl must go out and buy this, it’s only $2 from Target! I used to spend a lot more on other name brand mascaras and honestly, this works just as well, if not better. Plus you can’t beat that price!
  3. Bright Future Concealer by Sephora
    So, I have major dark circles under my eyes. This concealer is a must have for me because I really don’t feel like scaring people every time I walk out of the house. I simply apply it first with a beauty blender and voila!
  4. Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty
    I randomly bought this at Ulta one day and fell completely in LOVE with it. My skin tends to get a little dry (especially during the winter) and I use this as a moisturizer after I get out of the shower every day. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin and hydrates it very well.
  5. Hello Beautiful fragrance mist by Bath & Body Work.
    This has become one of my recent obsessions. I not only have the spray but the lotion, hand sanitizer, and body scrub, as well. Yeah, so what if I went a little overboard, it just smells soooo good!Hope you all enjoyed my list, comment your “can’t live without” beauty products and tell me about them!

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