Advice to the Aspiring Photographer 

Hello follow Photographers!

I’m writing this to give you the one thing I truly believe is the best advice for the aspiring photographer.

By all means, I am not a professional photographer, but there is one thing that I learned in the beginning that has helped me ever since.

And that is… Manual Mode.

My only advice is to learn it, breathe it, and live it. Manual mode will be your BEST FREIND. You will thank yourself in the future for learning it!

Yes, learning to shoot in manual mode is very challenging at first. If you are anything like me, you will get very frustrated and expect yourself to get it the first try.

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t happen over night. BUT, you will be amazed with yourself after you practice using it for a little while. Then, one day you will have the “ah-ha” moment and really appreciate all that manual mode can do. That’s when you’ll be very proud of yourself.

Adjusting the settings on your camera to be completely manual, puts YOU in control of your photos. Your camera does not make the photo, you do. (That’s right, you’ve got this!) Manual mode allows you to adjust the lighting, aperture, ISO, and so on.

You have the power, now go out and give it a try!

If you have any questions or advice of your own that you would like share, please comment below! I would love to hear what people have to say to add to this post!


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